Rathsam Family

He is not only a doctor, I call him friend! When my children are sick,
he helps them mend. He not only takes care of my three, he also takes good care of me. When I need to talk, he says to my kids “go for a w…alk.”
Many years ago we met, t…hat’s a day that I will never forget! My first child was not even born; with Dr. A. I knew I couldn’t go wrong. A few years later I’m pregnant with twins, my journey with sickness will soon begin. RSV is the first thing they get; off to the hospital I try not to fret. The Croup just seems to come and go sleepless nights are all that I know.
I now thank God that they are no longer small, Dr. A. has helped me to get through it all! Fast forward now a couple of years a vacation at Woodloch brings me to tears! Timothy just broke his arm, Dr. A. tells me to “try to stay calm.” The day before we leave for Lake George Craig breaks his wrist. Of course I’m concerned but then I get pissed. It broke when he got hit with a ball…..what comes next? Dr. A. gets a call. Thomas gets hurt on a Hershey Park ride; it’s off to first aid and ice is applied. They tell me to go to the Emergency Room the kids don’t want to leave they want to ride the flume! Another call to Dr. A….. “don’t worry Pamela, it will all be o.k.” I am looking forward to the day when I can say “my kids are grown they have moved away!” That won’t be for quite some time…….my adventures with Dr. A. are here to stay!