Meghan Angerhauser

I just wanted to say a Heartfelt Thank You to your 2 Wonderful Doctors, Dr A. and Dr. Lisa and Entire Staff. 2009/2010 was such a wonderful year for me but also such a hard year as well. My Daughter Emily was born October 29, 2009 and she has been a patient there since. Your staff and Doctors were always so accommodating and so thoughtful and kind to our Daughter and all of our questions. Anytime I had a “parenting” question I would call you office and the staff made me feel at such ease. Then this past January my life forever changed through a medical condition, which my Husband began to suffer from. He had suffered 3 Grand Mal Seizures in a row and ever since then I have been given the role as a New Mom And “Caretaker” of our new Family. It has been such a hard year for us but anytime I needed to come in for my Daughters well check or had to change an appointment I was able to. In September when I came in and I saw Dr. A I had told him about what is going on with my Life and he was just so concerned. He really made me feel better by just simply asking me “How are you doing”? I said as best as I can. He then later said if there is anything at all we can do please don’t hesitate to ask. He was just so kind to listen to me and really wanting to know how I am doing emotionally. This year has just been so difficult but if it wasn’t for Emily, I don’t know how we would be. Being married 3 year, buying a house after 2 years, and then having a baby girl last year, we were living like a fairytale. I highly recommend this Facility to ALL of my friends who are about to become new parents.Thank You