Love The Nabet Family

Caring Pediatrics was recommended to me in 1997. I was a mother of three children, and expecting our fourth child. At the time our pediatrician had relocated, and her new practice did not except our insurance. She recommended Caring Pediatrics. My fears were flying since our third child, Gerard, was already diagnosed with Autism three years prior. Dr. “A”, quickly relieved me of those fears, along with his staff. From my first visit I knew God had sent me the physicians and staff that would not only accommodate my children’s needs, but my needs also. Our fourth child Joseph was also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder within the Autistic spectrum. Gerard was always behavioral with frequent tantrums and outbursts. Yet a trip to the pediatrician’s office did not induce anxiety or despair. Instead my children received care from pediatrician’s that were not only excellent diagnosticians, but great listeners. Since Gerard has limited receptive language, often I am his voice. The voice that these outstanding physicians have heard and listened to for many years. The same voice who had to relay symptoms that Gerard manifested, but was unable to verbalize to his doctor’s. It is Dr. “A” and his staff that trusted me as Gerard’s voice. Being a mother of two children with disabilities, the weight of that cross has been lessened by doctor’s and staff who are compassionate and sympathetic to not only my children but to me. Our oldest daughter Christine, age 28, a former patient, along with our son Eddie age 20, is still being cared by Caring Pediatrics. In a world that seldom praises and often is critical and cynical, I come to give thanks and praise for all the wonderful, compassionate and professional care that our family has received through Caring Pediatrics.