Lisa, Joe, Nicole and GiAnna

200 Words or less, that’s really hard
When you’re writing about the best!
Nicole is the elder of my two.
Earaches and fevers to name a few,
Were some of her illnesses but never the flu?
Ear drops, Tylenol and the Prevnar shot,
Is what you gave her, “It won’t hurt a lot”.
Then there was the bump on the roof of her mouth,
You had no idea what that was about.
An x-ray, an MRI, nothing was wrong,
You said “She’ll grow up nice and strong”.
Years went by, she was doing fine,
Until December of 2009.
No eating, not drinking, nauseas all the time,
She lost lots of weight, she was down to 59.
Blood work, needles and tons of worries,
You helped us out, never in a hurry.
And there were other issues along the way,
Oh you know I’d rather not say.
GiAnna is the younger one of mine,
Do you remember I called all the time?
RSV, breathing treatment and bronchitis
Off to the ER was your advice to us.
Schneider’s Children’s Hospital for a week,
You came twice even though the snow was deep.
You said “She’ll grow out of it without a doubt,
Years have passed no asthma to speak about.
The doctors, nurses and the staff,
Always say something to make you laugh.
Caring Pediatrics in Levittown,
Is the best office all around.
Thank you all so very much,
For the wonderful care you’ve given to us.
With love and gratitude from the
Esposito Family