Johana & James Guarini

Why do we love Caring Pediatrics?
We love Caring Pediatrics because from the moment you enter into their care, you feel like your child is of the utmost importance.
When we welcomed our first child four weeks premature back in January of this year, we were terrified. The hospital experience was a bit scary…as it is for many new parents! When it came time to pick a pediatrician, we were referred to Dr. Ashourzadeh and Caring Pediatrics by our obstetrician. He said, “Trust me. This is the guy you want! He’s the best. And he’s a love!” And from the moment we spoke with Dr. A, we immediately knew he was right and we were in good hands.
When we arrived at our first appointment in the office with our 1-week old son, it was clear that Caring Pediatrics was going to be a great experience for our child throughout his life. As you walk through the front door, you are greeted by a warm and friendly staff. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be greeted by a fancy British accent and suddenly forget that you are taking your child to the doctor, and not embarking on a first-class trip with Virgin Atlantic Airways.
It’s not long sitting in the waiting room before you begin to notice the beautiful hand-painted murals that grace the walls of the entire office. In fact, every examination room is floor-to-ceiling inspired by themes including prehistoric times (yes, dinosaurs!), outer space, the jungle and safari, and our favorite, Eric Carle’s, The Hungry Caterpillar. My wife and I were moved to learn that the artwork was painted by a former patient. We both thought, “Dr. A must really love and care for his patients because it is so clearly reflected in the artwork. The murals are painted with so much love!” But the painted murals aren’t the only impressive artwork to be found at Caring Pediatrics. What wall real estate isn’t covered by original paintings is decorated with numerous smiling faces of families and patients, present and past. These smiles represent the pride of parents who know they have found the best primary care for their child. And contrary to what you might think, the shiny happy atmosphere is not an attempt to cover up the fact that it is, after all, still a doctor’s office; several interpretations by little hands depicting a little bit of hypodermic revenge for all those shots also proudly adorn the hall.
As if the gracious staff and loving atmosphere weren’t enough to keep you coming back, one of the biggest reasons we love Caring Pediatrics is because they host annual contests like the one we’re writing for right now! We’re excited to start reading this year’s contest entries, which will all undoubtedly gush about the greatest pediatric place on earth. I mean, heck, where else can you bring your sick kid and possibly win cash at the same time?!? It’s like Vegas and The Red Cross combined into one awesome place! :)
But all kidding aside, we love you, Caring Pediatrics, because you don’t need to read all of the certificates on the wall (of which there are many) to see why you are qualified to care for our little loved ones. There is no better staff or place we would trust with our child’s well-being! You know the moment you enter their care that each and every health professional at Caring Pediatrics is knowledgeable and truly loves what they do. And when you add love to any recipe, you get extraordinary results!