Janet, John & Sean Moskos

After years being with a pediatrician that never seemed to have hours when I needed one, especially when our son has CF. I finally made the switch, thanks to Denise. And it was the best decision I made for my son. Dr. A and the staff always find time for Sean when he is sick. Last winter we were in the office all the time, one week we were there daily. Dr. A makes son feel important, knows his condition, and makes the best decisions for him and his condition. He listens to our concerns and addresses them so we understand. We enjoy searching the walls for familiar faces, and the rooms are painted differently, which can make a scary time for enjoyable. The staff is always friendly, and now that we need referrals, they always take care of them, even if I need an emergency one without blinking an eye.
The day we walked into Dr. A’s office, we felt like we were home. I am only sorry I didn’t find him many years earlier so my daughter could have experienced what it is like to have a Pediatrician that cares. Sean could have used him years earlier too. We are fans for life, and a patient until you kick us out because he grew to old. Thank you Denise, for telling me about your boss, and thank you Dr. A for being such a caring man.