Herschman Family

I am proud to say that the Herschmann kids have been going to Caring Pediatrics for over 6 years now. When our first daughter Samantha was born in 2003, we started bringing her to a different Doctor’s office in Levittown. She was getting adequate care there, but my wife and I just never felt right during our visits. Something was missing. The breaking point came when Sam was about a year old, and my wife asked the Doctor how he thought she was progressing (height, weight, intelligence, etc….). The answer we got was this; “She’s just an average Joe”. And so ended the relationship with that Doctor, and began our search for a new one. Six and a half years later and we couldn’t be more delighted that our search ended with Dr. A, and the wonderful team he has assembled at Caring Pediatrics. We have added two more kids (Anna 5 years old, and Max 6 months old), and the level of care, concern, and passion has never changed. The office has watched as my children have sabotaged the lollipop bowl, they’ve managed to band together and not only catch my oldest daughter from running out of the building, but keep her calm long enough to administer her a necessary vaccine, and they’ve tolerated incessant questioning from me with my constant phone calls. And they’ve done it all with a smile.
The Herschmann kids love Caring Pediatrics, but the best part about it is that we know that the feeling is mutual.