Grisselle A. La Torre-Vazquez

My children are Justin 15, Jeramy 10. We have been pts for 15 years. We had just moved to Hicksville and our Dr. was away and Dr. A was the covering physician and guess what we never went back. We have walked into this office in pjs, socks, barefoot, clean, dirty. On raining, snowing or sunny days. In every season and every holiday. Whether is a physical or a sick visit they have always treated us kindly and respectfully. At times when the boys were little I spent so much time here I wanted to get paid for coming in with sick kids. We have gone through so many changes, staff, insurances, paintings and the walls went from one picture to thousands of them. I think he is trying to save money on paint… The service is still the same warm, kind and helpful. My boys love Dr. A and his famous words, HI HANDSOME, and at physicals, HOW IS MR. ROGERS?. My boys still get a kick out of that… When We meet Dr. A he was single, and now he has his own family, wife, kids and a build house that took forever and gave him all kinds of headaches. Oh and lets not forget when We meet him the belly was not there, it grow from happiness…I as a MOM, value his friendship and advise on raising a teenage boy and his Physician knowledge is a great plus. I have always left his office certain that he has made the correct diagnosis on my children’s health. I Have always highly recommend this office to friends and will continue to do so..
Keep on growing in health and business, congrats Dr. A in 15+ years.