A friendly smile; a loving touch; a cheerful “aye yai yai” will greet you when you go to Caring Pediatrics; and nothing will mean more to you when your child is sick. What does Caring Pediatrics mean to us – it means caring, understanding and love. We first took our son there when he was 10 days old – he is now 10 years old. Our son has come a long way in those 10 years and we are grateful for all that the staff and doctors there have done for us. Dr. A taught us how to be parents to a child with life threatening food allergies, asthma and a Chiari 1 malformation and make it seamless, routine and normal for all of us. He taught our son not to sweat it and always move ahead knowing it could be worse. Now our boy, who was once below target weight and muscle tone, is thriving and there is nothing like the look on Dr. A’s face when James walks in there because he, like us, know just how far we have come. And while this is hard to put in words, that look of love and caring is what Caring Pediatrics means to us.