Debois Family

After 3 years of Infertility, we were finally blessed with a healthy pregnancy. Not only were there infertility problems but we were both Cystic Fibrosis carriers. Looking for a pediatrician became such and important part of our pregnancy. When we first met Dr. A. I came with a notebook full of questions. He said” well I have never been INTERVIEWED so this is a first. He knew the answer to all the crazy questions so we were sure we had found our Doctor, besides the fact that my Sister-in Law had drilled him before and if he was up to her standards, This was one spectacular doctor. At 36 weeks I went into labor. C-section. YES!! At the time Dr. Lisa came in and checked out my beautiful baby girl. Dr. A. would be our releasing doctor. He came in the room and explained everything. I was very happy with his observations as there was a tiny minor issue. 1 Month after she was home we get a phone call saying that she tested positive for CF and had to be tested at Schneiders. I was hysterical. I called this man 3 times and each time he got on the phone and spoke to me. Turns out my daughter is fine. Thank you god. So it says we should be honest in our statement so here goes. I must admit that I was not fond of Dr. A. for a while. I think he thought I was too neurotic. I am in that office as soon as my Daughter sneezes so I can understand. Bit of a drama queen. I would go when he wasn’t there but I never left cause I knew what a phenomenal pediatrician he is. As time passed I think he finally got me. Now I love him. Which is pretty amazing since I don’t like many people. LOL. By the time we leave we are laughing and I am breathing a little easier. I never worry about my daughters care and I am 100% comfortable with the medical attention he gives my child. He is not alarming and tells it like it is. The staff.. Oh the staff.. What can I say? Ok, so maybe the choices in staff at some point made me wonder if Dr. A. was self medicating at the time of hiring, but eventually he got it right. Dee Dee, Jenn,Nancy & Steph( the best needle giver ever.) These women are a big part of the offices success. I call (constantly) they hear the horror in my voice and I am told bring her right in. From the fall down the steps, off the slide, and the million bug bite swellings my dramatic entrance is always greeted with a smile. They GET me. They don’t judge, and after the visit we are followed by a few minutes of comedy at my expense. There is a reason why god blessed me with such a Wonderful, Dramatic, Funny, beautiful little Girl, and why he sent me to a doctor who can laugh at the ridiculous questions and how every situation I walk in with is a traumatic world ending event. Thank you Dr. A. and staff for your excellent medical care and a few psychiatry sessions for mommy!!! You guys are the best….