Celica Villegas-King

My daughter, Sofia, was born last February, and my husband and I were very concerned with selecting the very best pediatric group for her, as are all parents. When my daughter was born, Dr. A was wonderful to come to the hospital regularly to check on Sofia’s jaundice. He took the time to explain her condition and treatment options to me, as this was all new to me as a first-time mother. His constant updates and check-ups for Sofia demonstrated that he genuinely cared about her condition, which made me feel like I made the right selection for my daughter.
When I began to bring Sofia in for her monthly visits, we met Dr. Lisa. She immediately wanted to get to know my daughter and made her feel welcome and safe. I always feel confident that she gives Sofia the best care possible, especially when Sofia is sick.
Of course, the staff at the office are wonderful as well. We are always greeted with warm smiles from the nurses and technicians. They are always very friendly and professional, willing to answer questions and accommodate emergency visits and last-minute appointment changes.
I certainly feel Caring Pediatrics deserves the title of “The Best” in Long Island. I strongly recommend them to any parents who are looking for the top-quality medical care, personalized attention and a warm, friendly environment for their children.