ARAOZ Family

What? Our pediatrician is moving to Texas? We are referred to Dr Ash…? What?! The kids finally stopped crying every time we pulled up to the office of the pediatrician! The boys just got used to this guy and his crazy staff! Now what?!
So off we go to visit with our new pediatrician, my little one in tears, my other two silent with fear. We wait for the new doctor with trepidation. In comes this lively, friendly, funny, warm, people-person they call Dr. A. The kids and I were never so at ease! What the heck were we worried about!!
Every time the kids were sick, they would cry, “we want Dr. A.” It was like wanting to see a friend, a coach or a favorite teacher. Here they felt terrible and all they wanted was Dr. A. We would visit Dr. A. with smiles and when we were done all things in the universe were aligned once again. They rave about Dr. A. like he was their favorite uncle and never again was the pediatrician a place of fear and dread. The pediatrician’s office was a place where my three boys could ask questions, find out about important facts about growing up and a place that made them feel better!