Helping your Child cope with Life Part II, Seven C’s of resilience

All children have abilities and strengths that can help them cope with everyday life. As parents, you can develop your children resilience by paying attention to those strengths and building them. But what are the ingredients of resilience?

Responding to children’s Emotional needs during times of Crisis

Pediatricians are often the first responders for children and families suffering emotional and psychological reactions to terrorism and other disasters. As such, pediatricians have a unique opportunity to help parents and other caregivers communicate with children in ways that allow them to better understand and recover from traumatic events such as terrorist attacks or other disasters.

Top Ten Tips for welcoming your child home from school

Children benefit greatly when they are greeted by a parent when they come home from school. Although this may be difficult for many parents, it is an ideal to strive for when ever possible.

Tips for Peventing Food Hassles

Happy encounters with food at any age help set the rage for sensible eating habits throughout life. When adults provide and promote nutritious foods in a calm and positive setting, children will be more willing to make healthy food choices.