Welcome to Caring Pediatric Associates

At Caring Pediatric Associates, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of newborns to age 21. We offer preventive care for healthy children and those who are acutely or chronically ill. We are concerned with all aspects of your child's health, including their physical, mental and emotional well-being, in every stage of development and in good health or in illness. We understand health issues can be confusing, so we will work with you to answer any questions you have. And because we believe healthy habits start early, we will offer you helpful advice, tools and tips to ensure your child stays well. All our pediatricians are board-certified and licensed.


We have been going to Dr. A. since 1994. After 4 children and 16 years, we have faced many health issues.
He is not only a doctor, I call him friend! When my children are sick, he helps them mend. He not only takes care of my three,
My children are Justin 15, Jeramy 10. We have been pts for 15 years. We had just moved to Hicksville
Caring Pediatrics was recommended to me in 1997. I was a mother of three children, and expecting our fourth child.
After years being with a pediatrician that never seemed to have hours when I needed one,
My daughter, Sofia, was born last February, and my husband and I were very concerned with selecting
There are many things that I like about Caring Pediatrics Associates. I am so pleased with the professionalism
200 Words or less, that’s really hard, When you’re writing about the best!
What I love most about Dr A. and Caring Pediatrics is that no question is too stupid (even though I feel it might be).
What I like about Dr.A’s… Here are a few of the million reasons why I love going to Dr. A’s …
What? Our pediatrician is moving to Texas? We are referred to Dr Ash...? What?! The kids finally stopped crying
A friendly smile; a loving touch; a cheerful “aye yai yai” will greet you when you go to Caring Pediatrics; and nothing will mean
Why do we love Caring Pediatrics? We love Caring Pediatrics because from the moment you enter into their care, you feel like your child
I just wanted to say a Heartfelt Thank You to your 2 Wonderful Doctors, Dr A. and Dr. Lisa
After 3 years of Infertility, we were finally blessed with a healthy pregnancy. Not only
I am proud to say that the Herschmann kids have been going to Caring Pediatrics for over 6 years now.
There are many reasons we love Caring Pediatrics Associates. Outside of all the professionalism and
I have a 1 year old who is my 1st, and I went to many pediatric offices when i was pregnant
I met Dr. A (as my son calls him) when Devin was 2 years old and I was looking for a new Doctor
I was one of Dr. A first patients now my son get the opportunity to be his patient as well.
Caring Pediatrics is a wonderful office filled with both a professional and friendly staff.
The entire staff treat you like family. They truly go above and beyond.
Dr a is the absolute best doctor ever! He's sweet and works in a timely manner! I'm so happy with
To Dr. A and his staff at Caring Pediatric: YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!
Ashourzadeh Kourosh DO, One of the Best Pediatrician in our neighborhood. My two grand kids are
Dr. A and his staff are all so sweet and attentive. They remember and interact with each child
We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the wonderful care you have given our precious children,
I just wanted to thank you for helping my son in his emergency. We have never experienced an
We just want to thank you for being so good with our daughter and helping her arrival! All your dedication and support.